an experience of a lifetime

If you have a passion for the thrill of the bowhunting experience then this is where your dreams will come true. From a novice hoping to hunt his first trophy, to a pro with the last few species on your hitlist, we are the company for you. We provide a premium service to connect bowhunters with their specialised and tailormade experience. We strive to create a partnership between our customers and ourselves. You arrive as a client, and leave as a lifelong friend.

Invest in us, and we will help you to fulfill your wildest dreams every time. We offer the widest variety of species to hunt, as well as the greatest variety of habitats and climates so that anything is possible. The thrill of the chase, the challenge of waiting, the closeness to nature and finally the thrill of the kill will ignite your passion for bowhunting as never before and will leave you satisfied with the greatest reward any hunter can hope for.

With my Experience of knowing Danie, Danie has always been extremely passionate and professional. This is the characteristics he used in starting African Bowhunting Adventures. I have known Danie for some time now and being affiliated with the same archery and hunting manufacturers in South Africa and abroad, I have been alongside with him in the field a couple of times and he is always understanding and willing to help. He also goes to long lengths to ensure the requirements of individuals he is dealing with, are met. I know a lot of people in the Bowhunting industry and Danie’s accomplishments will speak for itself, I enjoy his company and in a way we are very similar when it comes down to what we love most and that is bow hunting, A CRITICAL trait you need to look for when it comes to hunting in general and ESPECIALLY Bowhunting is someone who can relate to how different bowhunting is from rifle hunting. I look forward to hunting with you in the 2019 season and sharing each others knowledge and making memories.
Steven Schwartz – South African Hunting Journal